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An Analysis on Language Style Used in Too Fast Too Furious Movie free essay sample

An Analysis of the Language Style Used in â€Å"two fast and too furious† film. Fields: sociolinguistics A. Background of the Study Too fast and too furious film is one of the most amazing films in 2003 year. This film was directed by John singleton. He is a famous director in the world. He had been directing many films. This film was become a winner by many awards held in Hollywood, such as BMI film music award in 2004, breakthrough male performance 2003, won teen choice award, golden reel award, best sound editing in domestic features dialogue ADR and so on. This film tells about the adventure of two spies to break a drug syndicate. Brian OConnor (Paul Walker) was kicked off the force for his little stunt in the Fast and the Furious and has been on the run ever since. He fled all the way to Florida, where he became friends with Tej (Ludacris), the man who knew where all the action was. Before too long, Brian couldnt even find anyone who would race against him and the word was out. The cops grabbed Brian and made him an offer help them with a case or go to jail. The cops have been trying to nab the premier drug dealer in the area, Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), for some time, but havent been able to make anything stick. Conveniently, Mr. Verone is looking for some drivers to make drops for him and that is where Brian comes in. Brian takes the deal, but on one condition this his buddy, Roman Pierce (Tyrese), gets a piece too. Before they know it, Brian and Roman are in way over their heads as they combat fellow street racers, sexy undercover cops, an insane boss who is not above torture and the fast, furious life in Miami. This film is very amazing film. The actors and the actress act like they are the real character in the film. In this film we will find another world of spoken language called language style. They use their own language style in their community. They talk with an interesting tones and intonations each other. They use so many kinds of language style such as slang, jargon and register. Their community is unussual community, racer life, mafia, police and so on. Besides the visual effect of this film is something interesting that can make us imagine like we were there on that film. B. Identification of the Problems Everybody has their own language style in speech. It is influenced by their environment. Style refers to the selection of linguistic form to convey social or artistic effect. Style also act as a set of instruction (Chaika, 1982: 29). Language style can be defined as the specific ways to express the thought which shows the writer’s soul and the writer’s personality (language user) (Keraf, 2002: 113). The writer analyzes the language style of too fast and too furious film. The writer analyzes language style of diction which consist (jargon and register). Diction is the choice word. Dictions are word choices. Dictions are word choices. Diction is effective when the choice of word is proper to audience. Registers are words used in a society or group which are difficult for other communities to understand. Jargon is the feature of language variety which is used for specific field and just understood by them who stand on those specific fields, but it is not secret. Chaika (1982: 120) says that jargons are varieties of language created for specific functions by the people who engage in them regularly. While the definition of jargon in Webster (1994: 723) is the specialized vocabulary and idioms of those in the same work, profession, etc. In the same sense, Morries (1982: 686) defines that the specialized or technical language of trade, profession or similar group called jargon. Tone is the part of sentences over which a particular pattern extends. Intonation depends on emotion such as sentiment, sympathic and anger. This is the impression of word combination used to give emotional impression. Dictions, tones and intonations are the elements of language style variation. Every language style has different dictions and different intonation tone based on situation and condition. Dictions are choice of words on phrases in spoken or written language. The intonation and tones are related to the pitch of linguistic items. Tones are revolution of pitch in the voice that serves difference of language ton in words. Intonation is the impression that is described from emotional condition. The actors use many kinds of dictions such as register and jargon automatically. It is familiar in their community. The writer will conduct research on language phenomenon that is called language style in too fast and too furious film. C. Limitation of the problems Here the writer limits the problem in varieties of language style that is used by the actors in too fast and too furious film. The researcher analyzes the diction of the word variant, intonation and tone of the language style used in too fast and too furious film. This writer focuses in the diction, intonation and tone of language style used by the actors in too fast and too furious film. D. Formulation of the Problems From the limitation of the problems, the writer analyzes the problems that are formulated as follows: 1. What are the dictions of the language style used by the actors in too fast and too furious film? 2. What are intonation and tone of the language style used by the actors in too fast and too furious film? E. Objectives of the Study The objectives of the study are: 1. To describe the dictions of language style used by the actor in too fast and too furious film. 2. To describe intonations and tones of language style used in too fast and too furious film. F. Significance of the Study By doing this study, the researcher hopes that it perhaps give a good result and some contribution to some parties as follows: 1. Learners The research finding will be used as information inputs for language learners to improve their linguistic knowledge, especially which is related to the language style used by the actors in too fast too furious film. 2. Teachers This study can hopefully be an input as materials sociolinguistic teaching that concerns with style of language used by actors in too fast too furious film. . The other researcher This study is hoped to give input for other researchers to conduct a research on the similar topic and carry out further studies of the language style used in English class. G. Review of the Related Researches H. Theoretical Framework 1. Language Language is a communication tools. Everybody uses language to interact to the others . Without language people can not make a relation with others. Soedjono (2003: 16) says that language is an arbitrary vocal symbol by people to communicate and to interaction among them basically on their culture share together. Bloomfield says that language is arbitrary sound symbol system used by the members of society in communication and interaction (Sumarsono, 2007: 18). The descriptive linguist defines the language as â€Å"arbitrary sound system that is arbitrary characteristics and then increase with that used by group of society in interaction and self identification (Chaer, 2003: 32). 2. Sociolinguistics Study There are various definitions of linguistics study. According to Holmes (2001: 1) sociolinguistics is the study of the relationship between language and society. Similarly, Hudson (1996: 1) defines it as the study of language in relation to society. Sociolinguistics is a knowledge or study about language that relates speaker as a society member (Nababan, 2007: 4). Sociolinguistics is the study of the ways people use language in social interaction (Chaika, 1982: 2). From these definitions, the writer can conclude that all have an emphasis on the correlation between language and society. From the definitions above, it can conclude that sociolinguistics is a part of linguistics which studies the using of language variety, it is influenced by someone’s picture in social community the reflection in society such as status social, geography, and culture which influence the use of language. Fasold (2003: 223) says that one of major topics in sociolinguistics is the study of language variation and change which is inevitable relationship to social process. 3. Function of Language The function of language is not only the communication tool. Everyone needs to maintain a personal identity. One of the most important aspects to show their identity is language and language provides a powerful way of maintaining and demonstrating group identity thus there is no reason to suppose, that this function is less important to most people that communicating information (Trask, 1995: 85). The function of the language is a mean of social communication Soeparno (1993: 5) mentions various functions of language based on theory proposed by Dell Hymes. They are as follows: 1. To adjust with the social norms (writing job application, proposing request, as kind for permits, etc) 2. To deliver one’s experience about beauty, kindness, nobleness, mastery etc. 3. To arrange the social contact (e. g greeting, regarded) 4. To arrange one’s own behaviors of feelings (e. g praying, reckoning, etc). 5. To arrange other’s behaviors of feelings (e. commanding, treating, etc) 6. To express a certain (e. g hocking, praising/commending, etc) 7. To sign the matters of social relation (e. g conveying etiquette/courtesy, respects, etc) 8. To show the world outside the language (e. g consternating, arranging, and portraying various fields of science). 9. To teach various abilities and skills. 10. To ask something to other. 11. To explain about language (e. g describing the phonemes, morphemes, phrases, clauses, etc) 12. To avoid something by proposing objections and reasons. 13. To express formative behaviors (e. expressing by doing) (Dell Hymes in soeparno, 1993: 7-8) Based on the explanation above, of language is a means of communicates it is a media for people to make contact with others, so that they can deliver their message (thoughts, ideas, concepts or feeling). 4. Stylistics Stylistics is a part of linguistics that studies about language style which is used by the speakers or writers. Stylistics more concerning the form and characteristic in using language style. Stylistic studies language style used not only in daily life but also in literature. Stylistics is the part of linguistics which concentrates on variation in the use of language, often but not exclusively, with special attention to the most conscious and complex use of language in literature. 5. Language Style There are some definitions of language style presented by some linguists. Language style can be defined as the specific way to express the thought which shows the writer’s soul writer’s personality (language user) (Keraf, 2002: 113). Style is the way of using language or spoken form (Soeparno, 2002: 74). Style is the way in which a speaker or writer utilizes the resources of his language-the choice he makes and arrangement or pattern which result (De Vito, 1970: 10 in Alwasilah, 1985: 52). I. Research Method In this research, the writer discusses type of research, object of the research and source, and method of the research. 1. Type of Research This research belongs to descriptive research that uses qualitative method. Qualitative research is a procedure descriptive data in the form of written of spoken words from people and behavior that are possible to be observed (Bodgan and Taylor in Moleong, 1998: 3). Observation method is method that is used to get the data based on the use of language. This method is based on the tapping technique (Mahsun, 2006: 218). This is a descriptive qualitative research since it is concerned with providing descriptions phenomenon occurring naturally. This research tries to describe the phenomenon of the language style used in too fast and too furious film. The data of the research are basically analyzed by using descriptive approach. 2. Data, Research Object and Data Source The object of the research is the language style varieties that are used by the actors. The language style is a phenomenon done by everybody in different situation and condition. The language style variety is differentiated dictions of language style (jargon and register) and intonation and tones of language style. The research object and source of data are divided into two parts, namely main data and supporting data. Those kinds of data will be separately explained as follows: a. Main data The main data are taken from language style used by the actors in too fast and too furious film, in their script conversation, in the form of words and phrases. b. Supporting data The supporting data are the data that gathered to support main data. The supporting data are taken from some books and on the internet. 3. Technique for Collecting Data Technique of collecting data is a technique to get and collect the data. According to Subroto (2007: 40-49) there are five techniques in collecting data, they are recording technique (teknik rekam), working together with informant (teknik kerjasama dengan informan), observation and nothing technique (teknik simak dan catat), library technique (teknik pustaka) and questioner technique (teknik kuesioner). Recording technique is collecting the data by recording spoken language spontaneously the record equipment uses is tape recorder. Working together with informant technique is a certain person gives information related to specific language focus. In this technique the researcher design and ask questions to the informant, from those questions are hoped can get the research objectives. Observation and nothing technique means the researcher observes to the spoken language used and note relevant data with the aim of the research. In this research, the researcher always brings pocket book and pencil. The library technique uses the written source to get data. The written sources can be taken from magazines, literary works, guide books and newspapers. The questioner technique is similar to interview technique which has constant structure. Mahsun (2005: 218-226) says that there are three strategies of data collecting technique in lintuistics research. They are observation method (metode simak), survey method (metode survey) and interview method (metode cakap). Observation method is the researcher observe the spoken language used. Survey method is the researcher gives questioners or the list of questions which organize to get information from a large numbers of informants which considers can representative the research population. Interview method is a method used by researcher by doing conversation with the informant. In this study, the writer uses observation and nothing technique (teknik simak dan catat) to collect the data. The writer observes and notes some data (the spoken language between the actors in too fast and too furious film). The writer read the data then write them down in data cards. 4. Techniques for Analyzing Data Technique of analyzing data is a technique to analyze the data. Mahsun (2005: 203) says that there are two techniques of observation method (metode simak), they are participants’ observation technique (teknik simak libat cakap) and unparticipants’ observation technique (teknik simak bebas libat cakap). Participants’ observation technique (teknik simak libat cakap) means in observing spoken language used, the researcher is not only as the researcher but she also a participant in conversation too. In this technique while the researcher do research, he or she converses with informants. Unparticipants’ observation technique (teknik simak bebas libat cakap) means the researcher is only a person who analyses the informants’ the spoken language. In this technique the researcher is not implicated herself in conversation which is language analyzed. In this study, the writer uses unparticipants’ observation technique (teknik simak bebas libat cakap) in analyzing the data. The writer observes the dialogue between the actors in too fast and too furious film. The technique of the data analysis used in this research is qualitative method because the object of this research is in the form of words not in numbers. In doing analysis the research goes through the procedure as follows: a. The writer makes and prepares monitoring sheets which contain columns about the research’s location (the place), the research’s date, the participant of the research’s object and the conversation of research object. b. Observing the spoken language used intensively and marking every jargon in the conversation of the film. c. Choosing the jargons from their source and their forms. d. Classifying jargon into the forms or jargon, the meanings of jargon and the function of jargon. e. Analyzing language style based on forms systematically. Analyzing the meanings of jargon by giving denotative or connotative meaning and the functions of jargon. J. Bibliography Alwasilah, A. C. Haedar. 1985. Linguistik. Bandung: Angkasa. Arikunto, Suharsini. 1985. Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktis. Jakarta; Bina Aksara. Chaer, Abdul Muis dan Herman. 2005. Psikolinguistik Kajian Teori. Jakarta: PT Rhineka Cipta. Chaika, E. 1982. Language the social mirror. Massachusetts: Newburry House Publisher. Chrystal, David and Derek Davy. 1969. Investigating English Style. London: Longman Group Limited. Dardjowidjoyo, Soenjono. 2003. Psikolinguistik Pengantar Pemahaman Bahasa Manusia. Jakarta: Yayasan Obor Indonesia. Fasold, Ralp. 2003. The Linguistic of Language. USA: Blackwell Publisher. Holmes, Jannet. 1992. An Introduction to Language. Harcourt Bracejavanovich, Inc. Hudson, RS. 1996. Sociolinguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press and Society. Keraf, Gorys. 2002. Diksi dan Gaya Bahasa. Jakarta: PT Gramedia. Mahsun. 2005. Metode Penelitian Bahasa: Tahapan Strategi, Metode dan Tekniknya. Jakarta: PT Raja Grafindo Persada. Soemarsono and Paina Partana. 2007. Sosiolinguistik. Jakarta: Sabda. Trask, RL. 1996. Language the basic. USA Canada: Routledge.

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Sean Daley Research Paper free essay sample

Slug, Is an American rapper composing half of a hip-hop group dubbed Atmosphere. He Is the lyricist and vocalist, while his good friend Anthony Davis (known as Ant) Ads and produces. He also expounded Rhymesters Entertainment, an independent record label. The name Slug is derived from Little Slough after his fathers nickname, Slough. Slug has become to be known as an acronym for Sean Loves ugly Girls. Sean Daley was born September 7, 1972 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.His mother is Caucasian and father is Native American- African American. There has been dispute by some over that Sean identifies himself as black. Slug mentioned In an Interview that he pays no attention to that. His parents divorced before Sean was a teenager and he grew up between his mothers and his grandfathers guardianship. Atmosphere released their first album, Overcast!! , in 1997. This is the only album that features verses by Spawn, Slugs friend who helped form the group. We will write a custom essay sample on Sean Daley Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Slug criticizes his first album with, Its obvious that Im trying so bucking hard on Overcast and you can see through it and tell its not a person its more of an attempt at trying to fill the niche, it was like I was trying to rove to myself that I was a rapper. In 1999, Rhymesters Entertainment opened, Fifth Element, an independent record shop In Minneapolis. The Idea was to not only have and artist owned record label, but also a store to sell the music they produce.Atmosphere then went on to produce eight more full albums, the latest being The Family Sign, released in 2010. My first struggle was to validate myself or even prove to my immediate peers that Im supposed to be a rapper. I think thats many rappers first struggle making music, which Is why you get many peoples first records hen theyre making music are about Im over your head Like a raptor, lilt fresh, Im so good at this, Im fresh. From there, I started dealing with some of my codependents as far as alcohol, weed, women and validation.I stuck with that for a while until I became a caricature of myself. Right around You Cant Image How Much Fun Were Having thats when I started to shift and turn more into a storyteller. In most of Atmospheres albums, Slug strings out his volatile emotions and brings you to a dark place In his mind. He writes about his thoughts, dependencies, addictions, life, and relationships. Many of his songs incorporate fictional characters and events that allude to real people in his life and symbolize periods of his life. The majority of Atmospheres song lyrics are left up to interpretation by the listener and there is much mixed feedback as to what many of their songs mean. Lucy Ford is a reoccurring character in Slugs lyrics. When I wrote Lucy and when I was writing about Lucy, I thought that Lucy represented the dichotomy between me and women and my own flaws as to why I couldnt malting a meaningful relationship, as well as the type of women I was attracted to, Slug said. Women are admittedly Jeans favorite subject to write about.A 16 year old girl was raped and murdered at a show performed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He said, That incident altered me and a lot of the things that I was doing in my life. It altered a lot of the things that I stood for, the way that I was treating myself, women, and fans. He wrote a song about it called perform the song live, and that he skips it whenever he is listening to the album its on. Though there are real emotions and thoughts in his music, Slugs says his music isnt autobiographical. Depressing lyrics in a song dont mean he isnt a happy person in real life.He named an album Mimi Cant Imagine How Much Fun Were Having because Slug and Ant had a wonderful time creating the album, even though the lyrics tap into thick emotion and suicidal thoughts. Sean Daley is a hip-hop artist who is on a different level from mainstream rap. He doesnt rap about how many guns he has or how much money he spends on diamonds (maybe because he doesnt have much money). He raps about real life, love, stress and emotions people can relate to. Its not Just really about me getting on the stage and having the time of my life talking about how cool I am. Its bigger than that.

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Drama Costume & Makeup Assignment Essays - Theatre, Entertainment

Drama: Costume & Makeup Assignment Discuss the costumes and makeup in the movie you watched. Did the costuming and makeup match or clash with the place and time of the story? Was costuming and makeup a major part of the story or just secondary? How did the costuming differ for different characters? Did the color and style of the costume reflect the character's personality in any way? The costumes and makeup were very well done in this movie, the costume designer even received an Academy Award nomination! They fit the setting very well and I think they had a lot to do with the story and characters. In the beginning Kate always looked like a queen (in dress, not so much the hair) but she often behaved like a maniac however when she began to mellow, she dressed more casually which was interesting. Throughout most of the film, she just about always wore green I think because green is the opposite of red and red would indicate love. She really disliked Petrucchio (and everyone) in the beginning but by the end she grows fond of him and that shows when she wears the red gown. I noticed that Petruchio, on the other hand, almost always wears red. I think it's to represent the determination that he has to marry Kate and then to "tame" her. He also wears very elaborate clothing which accurately reflects his very over the top attitude and personality.

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The use of Diffusion of Innovations in a Mass Media Campaign essays

The use of Diffusion of Innovations in a Mass Media Campaign essays Diffusion of innovations is a theory that describes how new ideas, opinions and behaviors spread throughout a community.(Valente, p.34) In this paper I will show how this theory was applied in the reproductive health campaign in Bolivia. Diffusion theory is used to study the way in which new information is spread throughout a certain population and how innovation is adopted. To begin with, there are five stages in the adoption process: The first stage is awareness of the innovation in the case of the Bolivia campaign it is the introduction of family planning. People have to become aware of the new idea and the diffusion of this idea takes more or less time according to the media used to spread it through the population. Usually the mass media are used to spread awareness but it can also be done through primary social networks, i.e. word-of-mouth. The next stage is persuasion. After people become aware of the new practice they have to be able to learn more about it in order to potentially develop a positive attitude towards it. Different persuasion strategies are adopted according to the sub-population that is targeted. The goal is for this population to accept the new idea as a solution to an existing problem. Persuasion then makes possible the third step, the decision. Individuals will then make a conscious decision to try a new behavior. This is a vital step in behavior change as is represents a transition from conception of an idea, acceptance of the idea to motivation to take action. The fourth stage is the implementation of the behavior. The stage represents a transition from processes that are uniquely cognitive to processes that are behavioral. This is therefore the most significant stage in behavior change. The cognitive processes that proceed this stage provide the population with the means to practice/implement the new behavior that had hitherto been advocated. The last stage is behav...

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Sustainability and Competitive Advantage Article

Sustainability and Competitive Advantage - Article Example Stakeholders and executives are greatly worried about the impacts of sustainability efforts on their corporate bottom line. The evaluation criteria are based on a company’s business strategy developed to establish sustainability and a competitive advantage to the company. This report demonstrates what companies have done to capitalize on sustainability-driven transformations in consideration to the MIT Sloan Article by Berns et a; (2009) on Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. It seeks to analyze the kind of strategies that the companies have attempted to pursue in order to position themselves competitively in the future. In the examination of this, the study has based its examination on the Wal-Mart Stores Inc (Amann, 2011, pg.11). Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is among the companies in the retail sector that have demonstrated the achievement of sustainability in the competitive advantage over a long period of time. In this report, there is much focus on how Wal-Mart has maintained sustainability and achieved competitive advantage by providing good at lower prices and adopting a cost leadership strategy as suggested in the MIT Sloan Article by Berns et a; (2009) on Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. Wal-Mart is seen to take lead on environmental sustainability by offering environment-friendly products and investing in solar power plants in its various stores. The company has also encouraged recycling of various products. Their business strategy has helped in reduction of power consumption to a great extent and in the company’s future plans to go green (Bamford andWest, 2010, pg. 90). MIT Sloan Article by Bern’s et. al (2009) emphasizes on cost leadership strategy which is very helpful in businesses in achieving a competitive advantage in the market. Companies that seek to enhance their profile in sustainability should begin by undertaking self-evaluation. Sustainability, as discussed in the MIT Sloan Article, entails the development of a prà ©cis business strategy that seeks to maintain the business in a competitive margin and uphold its sustainability in their future.   

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BUSINESS ETHIC POSITION PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

BUSINESS ETHIC POSITION PAPER - Essay Example Ethics are not related to feelings of right and wrong nor are they related to a particular religion. They are not defined by law and they are not based upon the norms of a given culture group. Finally, ethics are not based upon scientific evidence of what constitutes ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. In order to try to determine what constitutes the concept of ‘ethics’, there are five general ethical standards by which one can compare personal and group ethics in prioritizing responsibilities. While corporation leaders have a responsibility to the shareholders who have entrusted them with their company, they also have a responsibility to their stakeholders, the common good of the people within the communities in which they work. From the viewpoint of three ethical standards, it is clear that the corporation must maintain a level of responsibility toward both their shareholders and their stakeholders if they wish to conduct business ethically. In general, most people understand corporate social responsibility as referring to the practice of corporate investment in community related projects, often projects that will bring no direct, quantifiable benefit to the corporation itself. In respect to these types of practices, it is often argued that the corporation is acting irresponsibly toward its shareholders when it elects to invest corporate funds into charities that do not directly benefit the shareholders themselves. â€Å"The company’s owners – its shareholders – can certainly donate their own assets to charities that promote causes they believe in †¦ But it would be irresponsible for the management and directors of a company, whose stock these investors purchased, to deploy corporate assets for social causes† (Atkins, 2006). Because shareholders don’t have direct control over how these funds are spent, which charities they contribute to or how much they wish to invest,

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Social Work with the Elderly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Social Work with the Elderly - Essay Example A challenge is a fact that it is common for the social workers’ clients to be afflicted with different kinds of diseases and disabilities: physically, mentally, or emotionally. This paper aims to give an in-depth discussion of the challenges involved in working with the elderly, and how the clients’ identity issues affect their relationship dynamics with the worker. First, let us explore the clients’ perspectives and situations from the beginning of things – as they enter the residential home for the elderly. Some have existing and financially capable relatives by they themselves choose to stay in a residential facility so as not to burden their family members with their needs. It could due to reasons of pride, or perhaps a deeply ingrained sense of independence that spurs them to instead opt for professional and paid help. It could be a defense against possible future rejection and the hurt that would succumb from it. Others would have preferred to stay with their children and/or grandchildren, as is in most cases in Asian countries for example, but the family members are either too poor, too disgusted at the prospect of being solely responsible of taking care of an elderly person, or too concerned with having their own lifestyles cramped. Many times the older persons in these cases are admitted to residential homes despite wanting to stay with their families or remain in their own homes. They perhaps just weren’t given a choice. The majority of the elderly have been placed in residential homes because of a physical or mental disability and/or because they do not have anyone around to take care of them anymore. These factors, one way or another, have a crucial impact on the clients’ psychological state and invariably affect their responsiveness and cooperation during the course of case management. As each and every human being has unique identities and personalities, the dynamics of an elderly person and his or her identity is profoundly affected.