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What Is a Five Paragraph Essay

What Is a Five Paragraph Essay Because a five-paragraph essay is a chosen vehicle for measuring a students writing proficiency, it is essential that each master this patterned format writing to score well. What Is a 5 Paragraph Essay? Students at the college or university level are often required to write essays as part of an exam or as a general writing-composition assignment. Unless an assignment calls for a more in-depth composition (persuasive essay, research paper, dissertation), or if a written exam instructs otherwise, more than likely the student is to respond to a question or write on a topic in the form of  a  five-paragraph essay. While many students are taught in high school how to write this particular type of essay, it may seem a foreign concept to others. Students must be able to apply these skills and their knowledge of that material in the form of an essay. An essay of this sort may have them making an argument, or simply conveying information on a given topic, to their instructor or professor. In most instances, whether for an exam or an assignment, instructions will not always specify that the student responds to a question in the form of this particular kind of essay – â€Å"Respond to the following questions in a five-paragraph essay.† Unless students are asked to write longer-type papers, or responses in brief one-paragraph segments in exams, writing a five-paragraph essay may be the safest approach – and it is always beneficial to know the formula for writing one. HOW TO WRITE A 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY 5 Paragraph Essay Outline An essay can be written in just FIVE paragraphs. Here is a detailed information about a 5 paragraph essay outline. Introduction The first paragraph, the introduction, includes an opening, topical sentence as a way to ease the reader into the essay; secondly, this paragraph states the topic (a text, book, article, or issue, etc.) being examined in an accompanying thesis statement, a single-sentence summary of the argument the student is making in the rest of the paper – the claim the student is making about the topic. If it’s not an argument the student is making, it is best if they view the thesis statement as a declaration or theory that is put forward as a premise for the rest of the paper. Body Paragraphs Often referred to as â€Å"the meat of the essay,† the next three paragraphs support and evidence the thesis statement. Each one usually begins with some kind of transition (first of all, secondly, lastly) and a topic sentence to keep the reader’s focus on the topic at hand – and each one includes very pertinent information and in no particular order: each paragraph needs to restate the thesis but in a different way than it was originally written in the introduction without diluting the original argument. Once again, each of these body paragraphs serves to evidence the thesis – to build a stronger argument for the student making the case of something. Each of these body paragraphs, usually, are to include a quote, or paraphrase, or summary, as well as a commentary on how these points of evidence defend or make a stronger argument. Also known as the body paragraphs, the three paragraphs take on different aspects or elements of a story or topic – whatever is needed to defend the thesis – and always tie into the argument being made. Conclusion The conclusion paragraph restates, in a clever way, the argument first declared in the introductory paragraph and summarizes the most important points that comprised the three body paragraphs. By this time, the student, if they have made a valid argument with this five-paragraph essay, will have convinced the reader (most likely the professor or instructor) that their argument is valid. Again, a 5 paragraph essay format is used to argue a position in a thorough, persuasive manner; and, in some entry-level composition courses, a professor will require their students to submit papers in this genre to build the student’s analytical and writing skills and to demonstrate their understanding of a given topic. If you are going to write a five-paragraph essay and would like to receive quality academic guidance and assistance, we are happy to help. We have experts in writing all kinds of essay types and guarantee you a  quality of service. Rest assured: your paper will be properly written and formatted, will contain only recent research data and will be fully original. We guarantee you total customer satisfaction to inform the details of your assignment, place an order.

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Personal and Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Personal and Professional Development - Essay Example According to Attwood, â€Å"The personal development plan generally involves the answering of a few questions or rather self examination by reevaluating to know where the person is at the moment, what their goals are, and the method that they are going to use to reach where they intend† (Attwood, 2006, 137). The report is bound to reveal how my personal development goals have been natured, the actions I have taken and their outcomes. There were a number of problems that I faced in the development of the plan. One of them was in the application of effective creative thinking for apposite solutions. So that my self assessment could have been best, I decided to use the people closest to me for their opinion. I did this by offering questionnaires to my family and acquaintances. This diagnostic method is the one that made me reach the conclusion that I have a difficulty in applying creative thinking in my endeavors and the manner of reaching appropriate solutions. With lack of the diagnostic method, I could not have recognized this hidden problem. This scrutiny of my strengths and weaknesses was very effectiveness in that it was effective in that it helped me understand myself further. After completing the questionnaire part, I moved on to complete the Johari Window. The Johari Window as explained by West is a â€Å"method that was used and is still used by scientists to help human beings understand their capabilities better and recognize their mental conditions by acknowledging different areas of the mind†.(West, 2010, 43). The results of this technique matched those of the questionnaires to a great margin as it recognized my weakness in the application of creative thinking and the solution of my problems. The last step that I took was the completion of a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threat analysis (SWOT). â€Å"This SWOT analysis is very effective in establishing the development plan to an optimum manner† (Furnham, 2010, 183). The S WOT analysis just like the other two techniques that I had put into use revealed that I was weak when it comes to my creative. I was found to poorly relate with people when asked questions that required me to think to a larger extent. My strong point was noted to be the point where I have the general thinking ability. â€Å"This is relative as many human beings tend to bear greater general thinking ability than creative ability† (Sandler, 2009, 67). My Opportunities are well defined in that I can improve in my creative thinking category by paying more attention. My threat on the other hand is if my general thinking capacity exceeds my creative thinking one. My action plan for this problem involves the sieving of outside ideas. According to Attwood, â€Å"sieving of outside ideas is important to assist in the attainment of concentration which is the clear pathway to creative thinking† (Attwood, 2006, 167). Another common problem that I faced was the analysis ability of reports. The upside of this is that it was a problem that I had identified earlier in life and hence I was in the process of resolving it. I face the problem of explaining situations or rather any other matter that I intend to in another language. The action plan in this case involves the consistent study of a language to assist achieve offer a fluent language for effective communication. In the analysis of reports, the way to go bout this is to spend more time in the reading of journals and the analysis of

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Letter to dean Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Letter to dean - Essay Example I believe that the highest level Economics class remains too complicated for me and any poor performance from the course would lower my overall GPA. Maintaining competitive GPA would be vital in enrolment for immediate masters’ degree. Besides the desire to maintain my GPA, my family currently faces financial constraints. My father’s company acts as the main source of income for the family and it currently faces detrimental financial challenges. The financial constraints have restrained family expenses especially my UM and apartment fee expenditures within the school. Moreover, my younger sibling would be beginning his studies in USA this year. Consequently, I would desire to graduate this semester to enable me ease the financial constraints in my family and assist my aging father in supporting us. Therefore, it is my modest plea that you grant me a permission number to enable me realizes my coveted

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Filipino Values Essay Example for Free

Filipino Values Essay †¢Close Kinship a Filipino considers family as an important social structure that they must love and care. Close family ties results to the family still being intact regardless that the children are old and with families of their own. †¢Respect for Elders the use of â€Å"po† and â€Å"opo† in conversing or addressing older people is a sign of a Filipino’s respect for the elders. Filipinos do not send their elders to nursing homes because they still value the worth and presence of the elders at home. †¢Hospitality – the Filipino community are very warm and hospitable. They even give â€Å"PASALUBONG† (WELCOME GIFTS) AND â€Å"PABAON† (FAREWELL GIFTS) TO GUESTS. AT TIMES, THEY SACRIFICE THEIR OWN COMFORT TO ACCOMMODATE THEIR GUESTS VERY WELL. †¢Strong Faith in God their faith in God keeps them united to overcome all the problems and challenges of life. †¢Flexibility / Adaptability / Resiliency the Filipinos have the trait to laugh at themselves and THEIR MISFORTUNES OR FAILURES. THIS IS A COPING MECHANISM TO BALANCE EMOTIONAL STRESS AND TO BOOST THE CAPACITY TO SURVIVE. THEY CAN SMILE IN MIDST OF PROBLEMS AND HARDSHIPS. THEY CAN STILL CRACK JOKES DESPITE THE STRESSES OF THEIR DAILY LIVES AND DURING CALAMITIES. THEY ARE STRONG AND CHEERFUL PEOPLE. †¢Ingenuity and Creativity they are good inventors. They often improvise and make productive use of available resources. †¢Patience and Self-sacrifice a remarkable quality of a Filipino is his capacity to endure difficulties and hardships. Maybe related to the long suffering they endured during the many colonization in Philippine history. They are patient enough to wait for their turn to be blessed with greener pastures as long as they do what is right and good. †¢Hard work and Industry Filipinos are globally recognized for their excellent performance in any physical and technical tasks. Maybe visible due to the desire for economic security and advancement for one’s self and family. †¢Readiness to Share and Help – they’ re always ready to lend a hand, not only in times of need (CALAMITIES OR DISASTERS) BUT ALSO IN FESTIVE OCCASIONS (â€Å"FIESTAS†, BAPTISMS AND WEDDINGS). THE â€Å"BAYANIHAN† SPIRIT, OR GIVING HELP WITHOUT EXPECTING SOMETHING IN RETURN, OF A FILIPINO IS WIDELY ADMIRED. NEGATIVE VALUES †¢ Fairness and Justice – they always show concern for the well-being of others. They uphold the humanity of all people and regard everyone with respect and empathy. They are keen on interpersonal relationships, their primary source of security and happiness. Fairness Justice – Equality – Social Justice – Development Progress. †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"Ningas Kugon† – â€Å"kugon† is a kind of grass that burns easily when dry but extinguished easily as well. Like the cogon grass, Filipinos start things with great enthusiasm but at the first sign of difficulty, the enthusiasm is consumed as fast as it has ignited. †¢Colonial Mentality – Filipinos prefer foreign-made products instead of patronizing Philippine-made ones. This result to higher gains for foreign businessmen than local businessmen. Thus, it motivates Filipino businessmen to improve the quality of their products to make it more competitive against foreign ones. †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"Mamaya Na† or â€Å"Bukas Na Lang† Habit a poor habit, a sign of laziness, of leaving for a later time what can be done at the moment or today. Thus resulting to stacked workload to be done and then complain about it. †¢Crab Mentality a troublesome trait evident in a Filipino where when one sees the progress of a comrade, the other becomes resentful rather than happy for the achievement. Rather than to praise, he would highlight everything negative about that person in an effort to bring him down or destroy his reputation. They would focus on other’s own faults rather their own inadequacies. †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"Patigasan† most Filipinos find it hard to say â€Å"I’m sorry† or â€Å"pasensya na†. Their precious pride always gets the best of them. †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"Kanya kanya† a trait which shows self-centeredness and lack of regard for others. There are Filipinos who give priority to what they and their families could have, rather than what they can do to share their wealth and serve others better. This trait shows poor signs of patriotism, loyalty to community, and concern for the needs of others.

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Hackers vs. Crackers Essay -- Internet Cyberspace Web Online

Hackers vs. Crackers Introduction When you hear the word hacker, you probably think of a nerdy, teen-aged boy sitting behind a computer with sinister plans for his attack flowing through the keystrokes of his fingers. You probably think of a techno-criminal defacing websites, shutting down computer systems, stealing money or confidential information-basically a threat to society. But these descriptions may describe someone else enterely. Many in the computer community contend that this criminal description defines crackers. Hackers, on the other hand, are actually people who enjoy learning how computer systems work, and bettering themselves and the computer community with the information that they gain from their learning. So if there are non-criminal (hackers) and criminal hackers (crackers), is it fair to label both hackers and crackers as hackers? It is important to address this question because the identity of a culture in our society-the hacker culture-is being challenged. It is being defined as good or bad. This good or bad status affects the way Americans use the Internet, the way the government controls or does not control the Internet, and the way technology will grow in the future. Some people say that there is no difference between hackers and crackers; they are both criminals. Others say that there are major differences between hackers and crackers. This paper addresses whether hackers and crackers really are two separate identities and whether it is right for society to define both hackers and crackers as hackers. This paper discusses . The people who believe hackers and crackers are two different groups of people and should be treated as such. . The people who believe there is no differe... ...r Credit." Digital Daily June 8, 1999. February 28, 2000.,2822,26529,00.htm Taylor, Paul. "A Sociology of Hackers." The University of East London, United Kingdom. February 16, 2000. Denning, Dorothy E.. "Concerning Hackers Who Break Into Computer Systems." 13th National Computer Security Conference October 1- 4, 1990. February 22, 2000. Vatis, Michael A. "Cybercrime, Transnational Crime, and Intellectual Property Theft." Before the Congressional Joint Economic Committee March 24, 1998. March 1, 2000.

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Children and Sexual Abuse

Identifying symptoms/signals of child sexual abuse When a child has been sexually abused, he or she may begin to form many different types of problems. Some of these problems may be physical or mental in nature. With these problems children will begin to show signs of said abuse. Each child will show different signs throughout different stages depending on the type of abuse that they have endured such as being looked at in the nude, inappropriate touching, and physical penetration.Younger children will normally show you signs rather than tell you what is happening to them, and each child will be unique from the next child in his or her signs, forever many people may not be aware of what signs of sexual abuse are. The initial signs of abuse may not indicate that sexual abuse is happening, however may be an indicator to parents, teachers, and others that something is not right with this child in question.Some of the initial signs that suggest that abuse is happening may be nightmares w ith no apparent reason, changes in the eating habits, refusing to eat at all, or being withdrawn from others. Signs may also escalate to be to showing that there may in fact be sexual abuse happening. The sexually abused child may suddenly become afraid of certain places or people, may talk about new secrets with certain adults or adolescents, and may talk of having a new older friend. The child may have money, toys, and other gifts that he or she cannot explain, or say that they came from a new friend.Some children may even refuse to remove their clothing during appropriate times, such as to take a bath. Children may regress to a younger child's behavior by once again sucking their thumbs, or wetting the bed again when they haven't done so in years. A child who has been sexual abused may begin to act out inappropriate sexual actions with joys or other objects, such as touching themselves with objects, or using dolls, stuffed animals, or other toys to imitate sexual acts, and others may draw pictures of what has been going on with them.While another child that has been sexually abused he or she may develop new names for their body parts, or start thinking that that their body, and body parts are dirty, or that they are bad. There are some children that will even harm themselves, or disfigure their bodies when they have been sexually abused. Many of these children will become anxious, nervous, some may have mood swings that old include anger, aggressiveness towards parents, siblings, friends, and even their pets. They physical signs of child sexual abuse may be rare, especially to someone who is not trained but do exist.Pain, disconsolation, bleeding, and abnormal discharge in the genitals, anus, and mouth are a few of the physical signs that may be seen. Some children may have frequent pain during urination and bowel movements as well as, wetting and soiling accidents that they have otherwise outgrown. Other physical signs that may be seen, but are more likely to be noticed by a trained professional may be TTS and tears in or around the vaginal or anal openings, or vaginal infections. There are the rare occasions that the signs of sexual abuse are sexually transmitted diseases and even pregnancy. Center, n. D. ) Long and Short-term Effects For the victim child sexual abuse can be devastating, not only in the near future because the effects of sexual abuse can extend far beyond childhood, in some that may last for the rest of their lives. In many the short term effects are very similar to the signs of sexual abuse, such as betting and thumb sucking when it should be out grown, sleep disorders, eating robbers, behavior issues, or performance problems at school, and refusal to participate in school activities.The effects of child sexual abuse can deprive a child of their childhood and their ability to learn how to have a healthy relationship with an adult, as they lose the ability to trust in those who were supposed to protect them. Childre n learn how to trust, love, and make relationships from adults and older children. When an adult or adolescent child sexually abuses a child it breaks that trust that an adult will give them that care that they are supposed to be instilling within that child.Sexual abuse robs children of their childhood and creates a loss of trust, feelings of guilt and self-abusive behavior along with anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior, and poor self-esteem. When it comes to long term effects child sexual abuse can lead to antisocial behavior, deeper depression, identity confusion other serious emotional problems. Adults who have been sexually abused as a child can have difficulty with intimate relationships, and often feel guilt, shame, and self-blame as they become adolescents and adults.Many will take personal responsibility for the abuse, as though they have rough the abuse on to themselves, that they asked to be touched in these wrong ways and because they feel that way they think that t hey are dirty individuals, because when the abuse is by someone that they know and trust it makes it hard for the child to see the abuser negatively, which makes it may be hard for some children to see that it was the adult who was at fault rather than the child themselves.So they often blame themselves and take on a negative messages about themselves, and intern may display self-destructive behaviors and experience more suicidal ideation than those who have not en abused (Browne & Finickier, 1986) Many children grow into adolescents and adulthood having low self-esteem and have body image problems. They see themselves as being dirty or ugly, unhappiness with body or appearance, and eating disorders, some even grow to disfiguring their bodies so that they will no longer look attractive to those that have sexually abused them.Children who were sexually abuse may experience difficulty in establishing interpersonal relationships. Common relationship difficulties that victims may experi ence are difficulties with trust, fear of intimacy, fear of Ewing different or weird, difficulty establishing interpersonal boundaries, passive behaviors, and many continue life into abuse by getting involved in abusive relationships. Risks. There are certain risk markers for children to possibly be sexually abused. The main factor is age, as most children who are abused are within the ages of 7 and 13.Gender is also a factor, as female children are sexually abused more often than children, however it may be that boys are not reported as often as female children. It is not easy finding risk factors of child sexual abuse as most research goes back to the signs and symptoms of children that ay have been sexually abused. Statistical data. There are many estimates of the number of children who are the victims of sexual abuse. ; One U. S. Governmental source counts 78,1 88 child victims of sexual abuse in 2003.That's a rate of 1. 2 per 1 ,OHO American children. ; The 2001 National Crime Victimizing Survey, which only covers youth 12-17, estimates that 1. 9 per 1,000 children are raped or sexually assaulted. ; National surveys of adults find that 9-28% of women say they experienced some type of sexual abuse or assault in childhood. (Finickier) Studies by David Finickier, Director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, show that 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 7 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse.Studies also show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident. During a one-year period in the U. S. , 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized, and over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U. S. Youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized. He states that children are most vulnerable to childhood sexual abuse between the ages of 7 and 13. (crime. Org, n. D. There are so many different statistics on child sexual abuse.Many reports show a very different stats on each site, how ever they are all relatively close. Treatments Treatment for child sexual abuse can be very complicated, and can be a very long if not life long process. Treatment starts with making sure that the child knows that he or she is safe and that they will not be hurt any more, it also starts by educating the parents and family members, as to what they should expect throughout the duration of treatment and that it is not the child's fault.Trauma-focused Therapy for Childhood Sexual Abuse was developed to help revived information about the impact of child sexual abuse on a child. It helps to stress the importance of including parents/caretakers in the treatment of the child of sexual abuse, and to show the need for children in therapy to learn specific skills to deal with what has happened to them and to talk about the details of their sexually abusive experiences. With this therapy they emphasize how talk therapy can help a child by talking about what happened to them.Showing them that wh at happened to them was wrong, but that the child what not the one who was doing something wrong. It is an evidence- eased treatment to help children, adolescents, and their parents overcome trauma-related problems, such as child sexual abuse. It's supposed to help reduce negative emotional and behavioral responses caused by child sexual abuse, as well as domestic violence, traumatic loss, and other traumatic events.It addresses inaccurate beliefs and thoughts related to the abuse, while it helps to provide an environment that will support the child in therapy, where children are encouraged to talk about their traumatic experience. This therapy helps the parents who were not abusive to the child to cope effectively with their own emotional distress, and to teach them about child sexual abuse, while helping them develop skills that support their children.

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Cell Phones A Generational Gap - 961 Words

Cell phone policy in school is heavily debated: opposing sides on the issue usually exemplify a generational gap, i.e. teachers and administrators versus the students. More often than not, it is the older generations that provide valid points for school wide cell phone bans: Cell phones pose to a teacher’s ability to teach, along with student focus, mental health, grades, privacy, academic honesty, and action in emergencies. These threats that they pose to the general education and health and safety of students is ample support for the immediate ban of cell phones. However, there are students and teachers that believe that allowing and employing cell phones benefit class productivity, ensure the safety of students, and is a way of moving into the â€Å"digital era†. First, Herlong (2015) and Gagne (2015) observed that using cell phones as a learning tool in the classroom could be beneficial to student progress. There is still the possibility that a student could be helping a friend in a different class get the answers to a test. While applying modern technology in the classroom can help a to teacher better understand the achievement levels of their students and lessen the amount of paperwork, students still have the opportunity to stray from given tasks.. For example, in Smartphones (2015), the 1:1 program, in which each student gets a laptop or tablet, is mentioned as being beneficial to the productivity, focus, and writing abilities of students. However, they would stillShow MoreRelatedThe Generation Of The Boomer Generation1422 Words   |  6 PagesToday, three generations work side by side in American businesses, each with their own differing values. Managers need to recognize their unique characteristics and plan accordingly. The term Generation Gap entered our daily lexicon in the 1960s when members of the Boomer generation were teenagers. It recognized the chasm that existed between the Boomers and their parents in regard to their divergent political views, taste in music, the clothes they wore, and professional goals: Baby BoomersRead MoreDistinguishing Generation Gaps1537 Words   |  7 PagesDistinguishing generation gaps There are several ways to make distinctions between generations. For example, names are given to major groups and each generation sets its own trends and has its own cultural impact. Language Use Generations can be distinguished by the differences in their language use. The generation gap has created a parallel gap in language that can be difficult to communicate across. This issue is one visible throughout society, creating complications within day to day communicationRead MoreHow Can Workforce Conflict With Former Generations Be Reduced?961 Words   |  4 Pagesaddress generational conflict in the workplace. This research was done by a Qualitative Research Method focusing on case studies. It follows a review of difference on each group generation, literature on generations in the workplace. Introduction: This study needs to be conducted because this is the first time ever that we see four different generations in our workforce working side-by-side. The purpose of this qualitative study is to identify strategies to address generational conflictRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Children990 Words   |  4 Pageswireless tablets and phones. Entertainment can be streamed, live or recorded, to almost any computer, cell phone, tablet, or television in someone’s home. Communication through email, texting, or mobile phones have made contact with anyone around the world easier than ever before. All of these technological advances were not available years ago. The technology in one’s home not too long ago consisted of merely a radio used for news, weather, and entertainment. There is a growing gap in the way generationsRead MoreLeadership and Communication Across Generational Lines Essay example1016 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Today’s leader is faced with many challenges, and one is the generational divide that exists in the workplace today. With four different generations working together it is clear that each group has their own preference for communication. Throughout the context of this paper I will explore the generational differences, and describe the characteristics of my generation with regard to leadership and communication styles. I will also describe how technology and the information age playRead MoreTeens And Teenagers933 Words   |  4 Pages the generational gap between teenagers and adults is clear in the actions of teenagers. Source 1, a newspaper ad announcing the ban on teenagers, promises â€Å"no loud music†. Teens are notorious for playing music aloud on their phones or even carrying speakers to amplify the sound. For adults on their lunch breaks trying to have private conversations or relax, it is difficult to do when rap music is bouncing off the walls. In the sam e newspaper ad, Mr. Munchy highlights the endless cell phone conversationsRead MoreEssay about My Generation1036 Words   |  5 Pagesthey fill the gaps of other people that can’t work anymore or have passed away. It just becomes a matter of how we use this power to impact society. Although the generation is very capable of producing great leaders, politicians, and a hands-on community, we cannot predict how those will choose to fill the gaps. Each generation leaves an impression on our future, despite whether it is a positive impression or a negative one. This lasting impression is often referred to as generational potency. ByRead MoreAnalysis Of Maggie Vandermeer s Maggie 899 Words   |  4 PagesMaggie is not familiar with such social media’s, especially in comparison to the younger generation, this renders Maggie somewhat of a misfit and continues her path of solitude, as she has no friends or a job. Although Maggie routinely uses her cell phone to text or tweet, she has not yet integrated herself to this contemporary society, as the younger generation is remarkably adept with social media. Moreover, Maggie isn’t conversant with the proper norms that belong to social media. For exampleRead MoreThe Generation Of The World Wide Web1473 Words   |  6 PagesBoomers are a unique, influential generation of human beings that have embarked on great creations and movements that shaped the world we live in now . Baby Boomers are responsible for the inventions of the World Wide Web, Apple 2, the disposable cell phone, and Viagra as well as starting movements like Women’s Liberation, Environmentalism, and Gay and Lesbian Rights (Madjaroff, 2014). Although it is symbolic for its high birth rate, it is comprised of individuals with many similar characteristicsRead MoreEssay on Battle of Gen X and Gen Y1375 Words   |  6 Pagesin a rapidly changing world of diminishing resources. On the downside of the two generations, a lot of the Generation X ¡Ã‚ ¦ers will butt heads with their younger counterparts. The old fashioned way of communicating via personal phone is being replaced with an e-mail or cell phone. Technology is ok but Gen Y is proficient and not afraid to use it, and this kind of attitude demands change where as the Gen X just accepts it. Also, when it comes to employer loyalty, if the Gen Y doesn ¡Ã‚ ¦t get their Saturday