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Paul Cronan Analysis :: essays research papers

A.     Relevant Dates and Facts a.â â â â â 1973 †Paul Cronan employed by New England Telephone (NET) directly from secondary school. He started filling in as a record representative. b.â â â â â 1983 †Cronan was elevated to Service Technician. c.     January to June 1985 †Cronan was sick at different occasions, having side effects of AIDS-related complex (ARC). d.     June 1985 †Cronan was denied authorization to go home for a clinical arrangement by his boss, Charles O’Brian. O’Brian had given consent on two different events, yet rejected this third time except if Cronan uncovered the explanation behind the arrangement. Cronan told O’Brian of his condition simply after O’Brian guaranteed the data would be held in certainty. O’Brian pardoned Cronan for his clinical arrangement. The following day, Cronan was required to see an organization specialist who inspected him for 10 minutes. A few days after the arrangement, a colleague called Cronan to state that she had heard Cronan was contaminated with AIDS. e.     June 10, 1985 †Cronan started getting departmental ailment benefits subsequent to calling his chief and mentioning clinical leave. Multi week later, Cronan started accepting organization paid sickness benefits. f.     June 21, 1985 †Cronan’s individual doctor gave a clinical endorsement expressing that Cronan was debilitated for 3 months. This endorsement was reestablished and reached out for one year. g.     During the late spring of Cronan’s nonattendance, spray painting was composed on the washroom dividers at work. h.     August 1985 †NET office heads from Personnel, Labor Relations, and Medical started meeting to discuss the likely effect of AIDS on the organization and its workforce. O’Brian is supplanted by Griffin as Cronan’s boss. i.     September 13, 1985 †Cronan determined to have AIDS. j.     September 16, 1985 †NET declares new corporate AIDS strategy. k.     December 1985 †Cronan, with the assistance of the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, documents a claim in state court against NET. He charges that NET disregarded state protection laws and separation. l.     January 1986 †NET attempts to have the case moved to government court. m.     June 10, 1986 †Cronan’s ailment benefits run out and NET puts him on handicap which rises to half of his wages. n.     October 16, 1986 †Cronan and NET arrive at an out of court settlement where by Cronan can come back to work and he gets an exchange. B.â â â â â Critical Issues a.     Privacy †Cronan’s right to protection may have been disregarded when his administrator uncovered his clinical data to the executives other than O’Brian’s quick director. b.     Discrimination †Cronan may have been oppressed by his excusal when his health advantages had run their course.

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So I can make it clear why Seabiscuit is about perseverance I wrote a short review of the film Essay Example

So I can clarify why Seabiscuit is about persistence I composed a short audit of the film Essay This systematic folio depends on the medical problem creating fundamental abilities, more to the point, steadiness. I picked the film Seabiscuit to dissect as it is a film dependent on steadiness, and this is depicted by all the characters. I accept tirelessness is a significant piece of regular daily existence, for everyone, in each assignment. In the event that we didnt drive forward, numerous undertakings would stay uncompleted. The film, in view of the book by Laura Hillenbrand, is a genuine story, and was discharged in 2003. There were four makers for this specific film, Kathleen Kennedy; Frank Marshall; Gary Ross and; Jane Sindell. Gary Ross was additionally the executive. So I can clarify why Seabiscuit is about diligence I composed a short survey of the film. Seabiscuit is set in the mid 90s during the Depression. As I would like to think the focal subject of this film is that there have been individuals from past occasions who have been daring and gallant enough to acknowledge that their social standings are as dark horses, and have battled to defeat all chances to accomplish their objectives. We will compose a custom article test on So I can clarify why Seabiscuit is about constancy I composed a short audit of the film explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on So I can clarify why Seabiscuit is about diligence I composed a short survey of the film explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on So I can clarify why Seabiscuit is about diligence I composed a short survey of the film explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The account of Seabiscuit is the story of four improbable legends, Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges), is a well off sales rep, who endures both individual and money related misfortunes during the downturn. Looking like his children grievous passing, his separation and his business going under, he recaptures trust through a pony and his racer. Tom Smith (Chris Cooper), is a restrained, maturing coach, Johnny Red Pollard (Tobey Maguire), is a quarrelsome racer with different inabilities against him. These incorporate being visually impaired in his correct eye, looking for where he has a place as he was surrendered by his folks as a little youngster, and later in the film, adapting a broke leg. The to wrap things up of these four is Seabiscuit, a modest pony, who has been abused for his entire life, and furthermore endures a leg injury during the film. It is the downturn and nobody gets away from the brutality of the occasions. It is during these depressing days that pony hustling rapidly assembles energy, and it is under these conditions that the four principle characters stories weave. Howard looks for another undertaking in horse dashing and enlists Pollard as his Jockey and Smith as his mentor. Smith occurs along Seabiscuit, a messed up horse and barely spares him from a shot, at that point demands that Howard lets him train the surly pony for hustling. Seabiscuit before long turns into the dark horse who could, and wins numerous races. Be that as it may, in spite of his notoriety, Seabiscuit is viewed as a modest curiosity by the tip top of the East Coast Horse Racing, headed by Samuel Riddle, proprietor of the triple crown victor War Admiral. Howard increases open kindness so as to compel Riddle to take care of business, and this quickly develops into a media free for all. Seabiscuit, the agent of the dark horse expectations and dreams and War Admiral, the recipient of champion reproducing and preparing, at long last race in 1938 at a race course named Pimlico. Prior to this time, Pollard breaks his leg, and can't ride in this race; in truth he is informed that he will never ride again. After the race, at Pimlico, Seabiscuit likewise harms his leg, and Howard is educated that he will never race again. In spite of the chances stacked against them, Seabiscuit and Pollard would not surrender. Both Seabiscuit and Pollard gradually restore one another, and race together once more, notwithstanding the fights that Howard and Smith voice. The last race in this film is tremendous, and shows the best tirelessness that could have been accomplished by these characters. Exactly when it looked like Seabiscuit was beaten in the last leg, he dodged in the middle of the ponies in front and left away with a triumph. This film shows how these men and monster conquer mind boggling chances to accomplish their objectives. I imagine that if everyone demonstrated the constancy that the characters depict, life would be a lot more straightforward. They let nothing get them down, and I set out to state that a greater number of individuals than what you would have at any World Series or football excellent last today would have joined in, and potentially no one remaining the track feeling baffled, yet rather brimming with trust. In our every day lives, we experience ordinarily when we continue on, regardless of whether we dont understand this. At the point when things turn out badly, we for the most part attempt to figure out how to cure the circumstance, this is persistence. Going to work, school or an action that we go to routinely, regardless of whether we dont appreciate it, this is duty, which shows steadiness. Having faith in your fantasies, similarly as the characters in Seabiscuit did is constancy. Steadiness is a responsibility, a devotion to yourself and finishing your activities. Persistence empowers a person to attempt despite misfortune. Persistence is defining objectives and staying with them, making changes if necessary, until finished. Much the same as in the film, when Seabiscuit and Pollard were told they couldnt go on, they balanced their objectives and completed what they had decided to achieve. Additionally the way that Pollard and Seabiscuit were supporting each other is a piece of driving forward too. Without help or support, I dont figure driving forward would be simple. Trusting in ones self and your objectives, accomplishing what you set out to do, having fortitude to accomplish what you need to accomplish and having consolation en route, all assume a job in tirelessness. The characters in this film endured through a wide range of issues by keeping concentrated on their objectives. Ordinary, regardless of whether it is getting up for work, school or something different, finishing errands that you have to would/like to do, or even simply preparing a feast. Having objectives and finishing the objectives, as little as they may appear, is continuing on. This film shows characters driving forward through a wide range of difficult issues, yet not everything we continue on at are hard. Consistently, I get up and eat with my child, and afterward I will plunk down with my child to watch a program with him. I at that point do some schoolwork, perhaps start some garments washing or preparing and afterward it is noon. Just in a couple of hours I have driven forward four possibly multiple times without knowing. Constancy doesnt consistently should be recognized, yet in the event that you look close enough at your own life you will likely observe a decent measure o f driving forward. On the off chance that you look in the mirror, the individual you see gazing back at you is most likely an individual who has endured at some stage. On impression of the issue of constancy which is appeared in this film, I have picked up the information that in even the most straightforward undertaking, anyone can drive forward. I had never understood that simply trusting in ones self and your objectives is steadiness. I underestimated the errands which I finished ordinarily as simply commonplace assignments, yet didn't understand that by finishing these undertakings was driving forward. I accept that this film depends completely on the medical problem of constancy, as all the characters depicted drove forward through the difficult situations. I would prescribe this transition to completely anyone as it caused me to acknowledge, as I am certain others will locate, that continuing on is a piece of regular day to day existence. I accept that this film was about the connections individuals have with one another, and the circumstances we wind up in view of these connections. I will take with me the information that I am continuing on ordinary, regardless of whether I understand it, and that puts a grin all over.

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Abirthday free essay sample

‘A birthday’ by Christina Rossetti was composed to communicate her feelings of satisfaction and new life in the wake of discovering her genuine romance. The title ‘A birthday’ is equivocal, she does this intentionally to misdirect the peruser and acquaint another thought with the mean of having a birthday. From the outset locating of the title must perusers would expect that the sonnet depends on somebody praising their birthday; anyway the real importance behind it is she feels reawakened and cheerful subsequent to finding the adoration for her life. By concealing its message Rossetti had the option to make tension for the peruser and just by perusing the sonnet with in dept was perusers ready to comprehend the genuine significance of the title. The sonnet is part into two verses, the principal refrain discusses how the relationship impacts her and her feelings and the second refrain she discusses what will happen since her adoration has gone to her. The sonnet parts after eight lines since she needed perusers to sit tight for along time before she discusses her affection going to her, she did this deliberately on the grounds that she needed perusers to imagine what it felt like for her to pause and needed to advise them that she likewise possessed hang tight a long energy for her adoration to come. During the Victorian time numerous essayists like Rossetti were prohibited to remember any infidelity for their composition so in this manner Rossetti utilized doublespeak to involve her emotions. .In the main refrain, Rossetti communicates satisfaction by contrasting her affection with various brilliant and bright things in nature that are brimming with life. Rossetti opens ‘A Birthday’ in lines one and two with the examination of her heart with a ‘singing winged creature. ’ This first similarity recommends unadulterated satisfaction and vitality in light of the fact that the voice of a winged animal that utilizes vitality to sing is generally a happy sound with which one can feel a feeling of joy. At the point when she analyzes herself to a â€Å"watered shoot,† which is otherwise called a sprout from a plant, she is suggesting that she feels as though she were simply conceived. In line three and four she looks at her heart to a ‘apple tree. ’ The reference to the apple tree proposes an upbeat condition on the grounds that the branches are so bowed with life-proving to be fruitful. In postulations two lines she is inferring that her relationship is productive and sweet, and it additionally alludes to a scriptural reference: Adam and Eve. There are two unique understandings to this citation; by saying that her relationship is productive and sweet, she can suggest that she will have loads of kids but since she was unable to compose it so straight forward, she needed to utilize the productive symbolism as a gentler and progressively proper language to get her thought across without being immediate. The other translation to this citation is her relationship was a fate; God made arrangements for them to be as one. Like Adam and Eve, he made her and her accomplice to be a couple; they are ordaining to be with one another. In this citation she likewise specifies the word ‘thick’, which means hard and solid, showing that her relationship is solid and is unbreakable. In lines five and six she analyzes her heart to a ‘rainbow shell. ’ The rainbow shell in the halcyon, or tranquil, ocean shows that everything is great with her reality, or her affection resembles a going great pontoon, nothing to cause disturbance for her relationship. The rainbow shell can speak to a marvel, or speak to a perpetual love or satisfaction in light of the fact that the rainbow is brilliant. One other approach to investigate this citation is that toward the end on a rainbow there is constantly a gold pot, the gold pot that she is alluding to could be her sweetheart; her darling is the gold in her life. In the last two lines of the principal verse Rossetti looks at all of the characteristic things leaned to her heart at the same time. ‘My heart is gladder than all these, in light of the fact that my affection is come to me. ’ These two lines discloses to us that her heart is, actually, in a much more glad condition than every one of the three characteristic things it has been contrasted and up until this point. The last line of the main verse permits the peruser to surmise that this inclination that she is encountering isn't on the grounds that it is her birthday, it is on the grounds that the individual she love has gone to her. Three of the correlations that she has composed of in the primary verse are comparisons, anyway as she arrives at the end, she utilized an illustrations rather than a likeness. By utilizing this gadget she can imply to perusers that her emotions are becoming more grounded and more grounded as the sonnet advances In the second verse she quits contrasting her affection with nature; rather she starts to discuss lavish environmental factors adorned with sexy materials. These things recommend that arrangements be made to get her adoration. In the initial two lines of the second verse she begins making the symbolism of having a wedding. ‘Raise me a dais of silk and down; Hang it with vair and purple dyes;’ The words ‘Raise’; which means develop, ‘dais’; showing to modify, ‘silk’; an indication of marriage, and ‘down’; another word for cushion, are on the whole highlighting marriage. Additionally, ‘vair’; which means window ornaments or cloak and ‘purple’; a shading which is normally utilized in strict weddings, are utilized to make a picture suggesting to perusers that she is discussing a bed, examining a marriage. Rossetti indeed is utilizing code word to get her thought across without being to self-evident. She has cunningly organized these two expressions for perusers to comprehend her importance with out her having saying it. In lines eleven and twelve, Rossetti at that point proceeds to represent her focuses significantly further by utilizing all the more representing words, for example, ‘dove’; represent harmony, which means virtue and conceivably virginity, and ‘pomegranates’; a natural product productive. ‘Peacocks with a hundred eyes;’ here she is alluding to a male peacock, possibly showing that it is her darling that she is discussing. Here Rossetti could be recommending that she is a virgin however she is eager to wed her darling and have loads of youngsters with him. Proceeding onward to lines 13 and 14 she by and by discusses being productive, having bunches of off-springs by referencing ‘grapes’, and again the possibility of marriage is likewise included ‘ gold and silver’ these to materials are utilized to make rings for a marriage. In the last lines of the sonnet, she says the ‘birthday of my life’ perhaps implying that she feels reawakened since her affection has gone to her. All through the sonnet Rossetti utilizes a ton of scriptural and characteristic references. She starts of the sonnet with an exceptionally cheerful tone and conveys it alongside the sonnet. She utilizes a great deal of metaphors in the principal half of the sonnet, for example, ‘My heart resembles a singing bird’ to summon her detects, this specific likeness is bringing out her feeling of hearing. Her sonnets regularly comprised of a songlike utilized word and short, sporadic rhymed lines. Anyway this sonnet has a 8 beat for each line which makes it a melodic sonnet.

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An Evaluation Of The Nih Clinical Trial Registry - 1777 Words

Introduction The number of older individuals undergoing HSCT for malignant disease has risen considerably over the years. Between 2007- 2013, 22% of allogeneic transplants and 44% of autologous transplants were in patients older than 60 years of age1. The rise of HSCT in this age group can be attributed to the use of reduced intensity conditioning (RIC) regimen and advances in post-HSCT supportive care2,3. HSCT is a potential curative treatment for a number of malignant hematologic diseases such as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma which tend to more commonly affect the elderly population. For instance, according to the SEER database, the median age of diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and MDS are 67 and 70 years respectively. Despite these findings, the number of patients over the age of 65 undergoing allogeneic HSCT remains low4. An evaluation of the NIH clinical trial registry revealed that 90% of HSCT clinical trials excluded older individuals (75 years), 75% based on chronologic age, 39% based on performance status in the elderly and 39% based on organ function in the elderly5. Inadequate accrual remains a problem even for trials that allow older patients, mostly due to physician reluctance, comorbidities and performance status6. Low rates of HSCT in the elderly and poor enrollment in HSCT clinical trials appear to be due to concerns regarding certain patient factors. Increasing age is associated with higher incidence of comorbidShow MoreRelatedStudy On Breast Cancer Management Guidelines Essay1584 Words   |  7 PagesMANAGEMENT GUIDELINES ABSTRACT- Cancer is a big cause of death worldwide. Around the world Cancer of different types effect millions of population and leads to loss of lives. According to the available data through our complete and thorough nationwide registries on cancer (number of times something happens), number and death in India among males cancers of lung, mouth, oesophagus and stomach are leading places/locations of cancer and among females cancer of breast, cervix are leading places/locations. BooksRead MoreA Brief Note On Lou Gehrig, The Greatest New York Yankee Baseball1967 Words   |  8 Pagesfor ubiquitin, and TAR DNA-binding protein (TDP-43). These inclusions lead to cell dysfunction and apoptosis (cell death). At autopsy the dorsal lateral spinal cord is gliotic and sclerotic; hence, lateral sclerosis (Ricks, 2005). Symptoms/ Clinical Features The Onset of ALS varies in anatomic location but disease progression is constant and linear. Changes are noted on a weekly or monthly basis. Many patients initially present with complaints of subtle focal weakness, stiff musclesRead MoreMedicare Policy Analysis447966 Words   |  1792 Pages089200 PO 00000 Frm 00064 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H3962.IH H3962 65 1 and emerging research and careful sci- 2 entific reviews, including the Guide to 3 Community 4 Guide to Clinical Preventative Services, 5 and the National Registry for Effective 6 Programs, and Preventative Services, the 7 (iii) includes strategies which focus on 8 prevention and support for employee popu- 9 lations at risk of poor health outcomes

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The End Of The Holocaust - 1607 Words

Respect the Constitution 1945. The end of the Holocaust. Total death: 6 million Jews. As tragic as it was, there was only one person behind it all; Adolf Hitler. Hitler, the dictator during the time, managed to transform peaceful and normal people into extreme haters towards the Jews. 158 years earlier, a man had introduced ideas that could have prevented these 6 million Jews from dying. That man was James Madison, also known as the Father of the US Constitution. In Philadelphia’s summer heat of 1787, James Madison along with 55 other delegates attended to what is now known as the Constitutional Convention. The meeting was held to discuss their loose federal government, or known as The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was a failure as it was too weak to unite a whole nation. The delegates thought that they must frame, or build a new government soon to be called the Constitution. The delegates were cautious about avoiding tyranny, or when harsh and absolute power gets in the han ds of one or a group of individuals. The Constitution guarded the nation against tyranny through federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and small/large state compromises. To start with, federalism was the first step framers took to secure the country from tyranny. As James Madison stated, â€Å"power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments†¦distinct and separate documents.† Madison made a new compound republic for America, known asShow MoreRelatedWhy Did The Holocaust End?878 Words   |  4 PagesLiberation of the Holocaust was a very joyful, yet devastating time period for the Jews and others that were under control of the Nazi forces. It was their release from a long imprisonment, but also the time that they realized that some of their most loved ones had not survived. The Jews went through excruciating pain during the time of the Holocaust. And proven by facts, many to most Jews did not make it to the end. The Holocaust, according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as, â€Å"the killing ofRead MoreHow did the holocaust end and what happened afterwards?1700 Words   |  7 PagesHow did the holocaust end and what happened afterwards? From 1933 onwards, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis began implementing simple discrimination laws against the Jews and others who they did not see part of their master race. Hitler and the Nazis believed that German power was being taken by the Jews. Hitler was able to convince his followers of this issue with the Jewish question as it was known, and get away with murdering millions of people in an attempt to cleanse society of anyone inferior toRead MoreA Different View of World War Two: Global Territory and the end of the Holocaust1173 Words   |  5 Pagessecuring global territory. In addition this essay will attempt to demonstrate that the generally accepted views of World War Two do not accurately represent what actually happened during the war by presenting evidence that suggests that ending the holocaust was not considered a priority by the political leaders of the allied powers. In the years leading up to World War Two, world domination in terms of landmass and population had largely been secured by the Allied powers. The term allied powers refersRead MoreSenderS Profile Photofrank E. Smart. Holocaust Essay.1023 Words   |  5 Pages Sender s profile photo Frank E. Smart Holocaust Essay Mr. Grosse Feb 9 The Holocaust The Holocaust was the state-sponsored persecution also murder 6 Million Jews by the Nazi regimes. holocaust is also a Greek word meaning â€Å"Sacrifice by Fire†. The Nazi came in power in Germany in January 1933. They all believed that Germans was â€Å"Superior† and that the Jews, were also alien threating to call German racial community. In 1933, The Jewish population of Europe they all stood over nine millionRead MoreNever to forget1710 Words   |  7 PagesThe book I read was Never To Forget The Jews of the Holocaust by Milton Meltzer. The book is written by Meltzer’s true story of the. It tells the story of when over five million Jewish people were massacred. The book has no characters. From beginning to end the book takes place in Germany. It only tells the straight forward account of the Jewish Holocaust. He writes the story in an interesting view point because he is an old American Jew, watching events of the war from newspapers and radios. WritingRea d MoreThe Holocausts Effect on the German Jew Essay1745 Words   |  7 Pagesaction his plan of elimination. This is not only why German Jews were the main target of the Holocaust, but why they were a large part of the years before, during, and after the Holocaust. Hitler’s â€Å"final solution† almost eliminated the Jewish population in Europe during World War II. At the end of the war and along with his suicide, the Jewish population would survive the horror known as the Holocaust and the Jews would eventually find their way back to their homeland of Israel as well as findRead MoreThe Holocaust And The Nazi War1011 Words   |  5 PagesThe Holocaust The Holocaust was the state-sponsored persecution also murder 6 Million Jews by the Nazi regimes. holocaust is also a Greek word meaning â€Å"Sacrifice by Fire†. The Nazi came in power in Germany in January 1933. They all believed that Germans was â€Å"Superior† and that the Jews, were also alien threating to call German racial community. In 1933, The Jewish population of Europe they all stood over nine million. The Jews lived in the countries that Nazi Germany would occupy of the influenceRead More`` Maus `` By Art Spiegelman And The 1997 Film Of Life Is Beautiful1557 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Holocaust. Maus, although presented as a graphic novel, strongly depicts the story of Vladek, a Holocaust survivor through his son’s recollection of the unfortunate events that occurred to him while evidently containing a torn relationship due to the effects of surviving one of the most tragic events in history. Whereas the film, Life is Beautiful portrays the tale of a Jewish family told by the forever appreciate son, Joshua, of Guido who creatively distorted the reality of the Holocaust to preserveRead MoreLasting Effects of the Holocaust1195 Words   |  5 PagesThe Holocaust not only affected the areas where it took place, it affected the entire world. Even though Jewish people were the main victims in the Holocaust, it also left lasting effects on other groups of people. Both the Nazi and Jewish decedents still feel the aftermath of one of the most horrific counts of genocide that the world has ever encountered. The cries of the victims in concentration camps still ring around the globe today, and they are not easily ignored. Although the Holocaust tookRead MoreThe On Coping With The Holocaust Experience1401 Words   |  6 Pagesthrown into chaos because of the Holocaust. Families were ripped apart and values were washed away as citizens were forcefully placed in concentration camps to either be immediately killed or to work until they d ied. Every person within the camps faced unthinkable trauma. Once everyone was released, the prisoners began to search for lost loved ones and a sense of normality. However, the anguish did not end with the end of the Holocaust. Following the Holocaust, first generation survivors developed

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Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and History Essay Example For Students

Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and History Essay In contrast to western calligraphy, diffusing ink blots ND dry brush strokes are viewed as a natural impromptu expression rather than a fault. While western calligraphy often pursue font-like uniformity, homogeneity of characters in one size is only a craft. To the artist, calligraphy is a mental exercise that coordinates the mind and the body to choose the best styling in expressing the content of the passage. It is a most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercise indeed for ones physical and spiritual bevel being. Historically, many calligraphy artists were well-known for their longevity. Brush calligraphy is not only loved and practiced by Chinese. Koreans and Japanese equally adore calligraphy as an important treasure Of their heritage. Many Japanese schools still have the tradition of having a student contest of writing big characters during beginning of a new school year. A biannual gathering commemorating the Lancing Xx by Wang Xi Chi (The most famous Chinese calligrapher in Jinn dynasty, ) is said to be held ceremonially in Japan. There is a national award of Wang Xi Chi prize for the best calligraphy artist, Not too long ago, Korean government officials were required to excel in calligraphy. The office of Okinawa governor still displays a large screen of Chinese calligraphy s a dominating decor. In the West, Picasso and Matisse are two artists who openly declared the influence by Chinese calligraphy on their works, Easier Calligraphy is the art of making beautiful or elegant handwriting. It is a fine art of skilled penmanship. Harder The word calligraphy literally means beautiful writing. Before the invention Of the printing press some 500 years ago, it was the way books were made. Each copy was handwritten out by a scribe working in a scriptorium. The hand writing was done With quill and ink onto materials like vellum or parchment. The lettering style applied was one of the period backhands like cutis, Carolingian, blacklisted, etc. Today, there are three main types or styles of calligraphy: (1) Western or Roman, (2) Arabic, and Chinese or Oriental. This project focuses mainly on Western calligraphy with a glimpse at the other two styles. topic Wang Xiii ?-t ± Wang Xiii is a Chinese calligrapher. He is considered by some as the first artist in the Western sense, insofar as it has moved away from the official canon in force, the cursive handwriting, practicing a form of free personal and pictorial practice. AU, Tastes, CENT,  ±Zip-F-If-E, ?i#-F-a, 4th-Y-